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ТВ канал: Alhiwar
Държава:  Великобритания
Категория: Новини
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قائد الجيش البريطاني: استعدوا للحرب.. هل اقتربت الحرب العالمية الثالثة؟
قائد الجيش البريطاني: استعدوا للحرب
بعد "الخميس الدامي".. المواجهات بين الشارع والعسكر تتجدّد في السودان
غموض يلف مصير لقاء بايدن وابن سلمان.. ما السبب؟

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Alhiwar - описание, преглед, оценка

Alhiwar is an Arabic language Satellite TV Channel broadcasting from London to Arabs around the world. Alhiwar "Dialogue" was born out of a lengthy discussion among a number of Arab intellectuals and businessmen from Britain and the Arab World on how one can best contribute to resolving contemporary crisis.
AlHiwar is concerned with the interaction between the Arab communities in the diaspora in order to better address the concerns and difficulties they face in the diaspora. It is a means of integrating the Arab communities within their new societies in an active and positive manner without blurring their original identity and values.
AlHiwar is an Arabic-language television channel, as it is directed to Arabs, whether in the Arab world or in the diaspora. It is a means of convergence of opinions based on reviewing what is presented, with the aim of discovering others within the principle of coexistence in the Arab world.
It is a tool for communication between Arabs and their new societies to introduce their cultural values, to activate their positive role in public life in their new homes, and to serve the aspirations of the Arab peoples in building positive relations with these societies and creating a greater understanding of Arab issues.

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